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Sydney - Equinix SY5

Location & Rack Space
SY5 - Shared - 10RU
1.2KW (5 A+B PDU)
/29 (5 Useable)
Swipe Card
SY5 - Shared - 20RU
2KW (10 A+B PDU)
/29 (5 Useable)
Swipe Card
SY5 - Lockable - 45RU
3KW (24 A+B PDU)
/29 (5 Useable)
Swipe Card
SY5 - Lockable - 45RU
4KW (24 A+B PDU)
/29 (5 Useable)
Swipe Card

Colocation Space Features and Information

Security Focused
The Equinix SY5 facility was designed with cutting edge security, 24/7 staffed, biometric readers, CCTV & access lists. GoDedicated takes this one step further by securing our equipment within our own private cage.
Redundancy Matters
Infrastructure redundancy is a core focus of Equinix and GoDedicated, from N+1 power & cooling chillers within the facility, to our dual stack core. That boasts redundant feeds to major national and global peering points.
DDoS Protection
Our Australian Colocation transit services are fully protected by carrier grade denial of service protection.
Learn more about our DDoS protection
Comfort & Peace of Mind
Equinix SY5 is fitted with amenities that can be used by GoDedicated customers. These include work kiosks, conference rooms. Don’t forget to visit the break room, fitted with gaming simulators and a ping pong table!

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