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The GoDedicated VPS range is designed, built and tested with performance in mind. Our systems have been tested for web, application, development and gaming. What are you waiting for? Deploy your VPS instance with GoDedicated today.
How does GoDedicated VPS Differ?
GoDedicated provides an ultra-low latency core network, we utilise a combination of Arista and Juniper at our core to ensure reliability and optimal performance. This means no bottleneck in the network, ensuring you reach your customers faster.

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Instant Setup
Once you have completed your order, our automated system will instantly create your VPS! This process normally takes 5-10 minutes depending on the chosen Operating System.
Advanced Remote Management
All our servers include advanced management tools to control your VPS. Tools such as Start/Stop/Restart options, HTML NoVNC Console, Operating System Reinstalls and easy upgradedable options for your VPS.
DDoS Protection
Our Australian VPS servers are protected by gaming grade Corero denial of service protection.
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All our virtual servers are powered by enterprise grade SSDs in RAID10 arrays. To ensure your VPS will have the best performance while keeping your data protected from corruption.

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